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Alpha Hookah for sale

The hookahs Alpha HOOKAH it is a good example of how imitators have surpassed the original over time. Initially, they were engaged in making copies of hookahs OtIvana, later when the hookahs of Ivan Botanova had already lost their relevance due to an unreasonably high price with a low duration of "life", the guys released a couple of very successful models and now began to seize the Russian hookah market. 


At the moment they have two lines of hookahs, they are designer and mini hookahs. Designer hookahs are represented by models OMEGA and SV, mini hookahs are represented by models MODEL X and the sensational model KAPPA.

Hookahs model "SV" have only high-quality materials, a wide section of the shaft, the height of the shaft is 70 centimeters, built-in diffuser and internal purge valve. Minimalistic design, the shaft is similar to the latest versions of hookahs OtIvana.

The hookah’s model "Model X" it is a miniature version of a hookah with an adjustable diffuser and magnetic connectors. The interior of the shaft is made of stainless steel, the places not related to water are made of anodized aluminum and are powder coated. Now this is one of the most beautiful variants for such a modest price, although I am confused that the hookah is not completely made of stainless steel. However, the price of 8,500 rubles on the official website is a perfectly acceptable variant for homes or hookah’s bars that do not fundamentally have a park of high hookahs..

The "Karra" model is a combination of perfect smoking and a stylish appearance. Compact, challenging and just "fresh" enough, it has not yet become boring due to the fact that this is the latest model that many have not yet seen in the eye. The shaft is also made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the bulb in a set of glass covered with powder paint, a brand mouthpiece of excellent quality, conveniently lying in the hand. For 9000 rubles this is one of the best variants, more expensive hookahs are completely from stainless steel.

However, at the last event Ivan Batanov said that he had patented his developments and planned to litigate with Alpha hookah, so I do not yet have a clear future fortune of production, although knowing our jurisprudence on intellectual property matters, I can assume that the guys will be on make hookahs and seize the market. 


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