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Tobacco for Shisha Argelini

Tobacco for hookah Argelini

  The rest with hookah has become so popular that many seek to purchase this accessory for home use. It is so much more convenient, because you can smoke at any convenient time, do not spend money when you go to the hookah restaurant and independently choose your favorite tobacco. However, it is not always easy to choose it, especially for those who do not orient themselves well in the world of aromatic smoke. It is best to start your meeting with it from quality brands, for example, to buy the tobacco for hookah Argelini, which is one of the premium varieties and is targeted at the appropriate audience. This is really a quality product, which is worth trying to get real pleasure from smoking and fully appreciate how exquisite this process can be.

Peculiarities of producing and composition

  Tobacco of this brand is produced in Jordan, for which tobacco plants of the Golden Virginia variety are used. They are collected and soaked with natural honey to remove excess bitterness of tobacco and give it a delicate and sweet taste and a nice aftertaste. In addition, there are no chemical components in the composition, only vegetable glycerin and natural flavors and aromatics are used. The price of tobacco for the hookah Argelini fully justifies the quality. It does not have an unpleasant chemical taste, which is nowhere to take, so tobacco smokes easily and pleasantly.

  The mixture quickly smokes and gives a lot of smoke, it is thick and aromatic. Heat resistance in tobacco is medium. Cutting is convenient and allows filling the bowl; the tobacco has a lot of syrup. Tobacco itself is not very strong, but it can be mixed with other varieties if you want to get a more perceptible effect. Also there are available different variants of packing, from small to large, and a special single portion, which is already into a special capsule.

Tastes and its characteristics

  In the assortment there are more than 40 kinds of different tastes that make you easy to find something interesting. There are classic and more exotic variants for any preferences. Also when you choose you can focus on the best tastes of tobacco Argelini, which are considered the most popular.

  • Honey melon – it is a classic sweet and rich aroma. Almost everyone likes melon, which is associated with rest and summer memories, and honey successfully complements and emphasizes the aroma of a ripe fruit.
  • Vanilla latte – it is a taste for coffee lovers, which imitates this drink with notes of vanilla, cream and chocolate. Very pleasant, sweet and unobtrusive.
  • Grapefruit – it isa bright and juicy taste with sourness, which is a highlight. It will be liked by citrus lovers.
  • Blueberry – it is a fragrant summer berry with a pleasant and recognizable aroma. Many people like it and it is considered one of the traditional tastes.
  • Cream orange – it is a combination of orange with sourness and delicate cream taste, which complements successfully this bright sunny fruit.

  Also among the tastes of this tobacco you can find Irish coffee with liqueur, it is the combinations of cherries and hibiscus, floral flavors, black currant, mango and other popular variations that can be smoked separately or mixed in different combinations. Here you can buy the tobacco for hookah Argelini with delivery, just choose liked tastes.



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