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Art Hookah for sale

  The company "Art hookah" appeared on the hookah market relatively recently. Under their brand, they supply from China hookahs installed in this Asian country by German technology. The reason for this location of production, as in most such cases, is cheaper man power. Outsourcing allows keeping the price of Art Hookah at an acceptable level for the Russian market. At the same time, the producer does not sacrifice the technical characteristics of its product, using high-quality materials.


  In the model line of the brand you can meet hookahs in height from 25 centimeters to one meter. The highest models are from 90 cm and higher, they weigh an average of 3.5 kilograms. The producer uses different styles of design: from hookahs of the traditional eastern type to modern functional models. And in some cases, the appearance combines different styles and approaches to design. 

Particularities of Art Hookahs

  A distinctive feature of the brand is the large diameter of the tube, which guarantees good traction. Cups are made from high-quality natural clay without the use of coatings, and the ball in the purge valve is made of plastic in order to prevent oxidation and clogging of this valve itself. 

  The hookahs of this brand have massive, two-kilogram beautiful shafts. This impressive detail is made of high-quality metal without the use of aluminum-silicon, only steel and finish. The shafts have a wide cross section, in terms of the level of blow these hookahs are comparable to their Egyptian counterparts. The movable shaft makes the device convenient for use: a meter device will fit into the cabinet without problems after dismantling. 

What do buyers say?

  Judging by the reviews about Art Hookahs, they are successfully used at home and in restaurants.

  The shaft with the bulb is joined by a metal thread, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of the bulb being dropped during transport. If you dropped the device, then you cannot worry about the bulb: they are made of thick glass, paying special attention to the strength and massiveness of the bottom. This makes the hookah brand not only insensitive to shocks, but also sustainable. The glass of the bulbs is frosted, with a spray, the detail looks smooth and beautiful. 


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