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Coal for hookah Cocobrico for sale

Buy Cocobrico 96 PC.


Coal for hookah Cocobrico


  Natural and quality charcoal is an important component for hookah masters and begginers. In our company you can buy charcoal for the hookah «Cocobrico». The product is created in Indonesia. It quickly became popular in Russia due to its quality and natural basis.

  Charcoal Cocobrico is created from the coconut shell, which ensures its good kindling and long-term preservation of heat. In most cases, the replacement of charcoal is required at least half an hour, but more often it is enough for a longer period. Using the products of that brand is safe, besides it does not smell when burning. The price of charcoal is about 300 rubles for 96 tablets. Among the features of the product we can identify:

  • naturalness, which is provided by the use of coconut shell for production,
  • the maximum burning time is almost an hour and a half,
  • no smell during ignition.

  An environmentally friendly product belongs to the premium class and it is one of the most popular in our country. The deliveries are carried out in a package, in which from 24 to 96 cubes. They are already ready for use, so you do not need to break them before use. Due to their small size, they are ideally placed on a hookah bowl. The special production technology affects the usability of use, as there is little ash left.

  In our catalog you can choose and buy charcoal «Cocobrico» with the delivery to your city. We offer various grades of this product. Depending on the selected variety, the odor purity and duration of burning will vary


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