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Coal for hookah Crown for sale





Coal for hookah Crown

Charcoal Crown

  We offer to all loves of high-quality tobacco to buy a «Crown» charcoal . This is a natural coconut coal, in which only proven components are used. It affect the purity of the aroma and its depth, which is important for connoisseurs of hookahs. The production of coconut charcoal is conducted in Indonesia by double filtration of dry coconut shell. The brand offers premium coal, which is characterized by natural raw materials and a special production method. It is the only product in the world that is created by using Air Heat technology. Due to several larger sizes, more heat is created. And that makes it possible to use charcoal for hookah on fruit or when using heat-resistant tobacco


  • The tablet is dense and compact and has a square shape
  • Heating of coal takes place with the help of hot air
  • Tablets are easy to use, since they burn longer, but form a little ash

The price

  The price of charcoal «Crown» depends on the packaging, which can include both 72 and 96 tablets. The hookah lovers appreciate the products of that brand for their ecological compatibility and high quality. The unique coconut shell processing technology makes smoking properties flawless. The charcoal does not crumble, does not form sparks and smells, which makes smoking a pleasant process. It’s very easy to buy charcoal «Crown» with the delivery all around the world in our online store. We offer different packing of the product. Select the size of the cubes should be under the parameters of the bowl. Most often, 96 cubes are taken for smoking on kaloude, and 72 cubes are rationally chosen for foil. If you have any questions, our specialists will always answer them


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