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Easy blow hookah for sale

Easy blow is one of the best Ukrainian hookahs in a cheap price segment; the production of this hookah is handled by Doubletoke. The hookah’s shaft is made of stainless steel AISI 304, polyacetal was chosen as the most practical and eco-friendly material. Usually, caprolon is used in the budget hookah. The price per set without a bulb is now about 6000 rubles 

Technical characteristics

The shaft has a height of 54 cm, the internal diameter of the shaft is 15 mm, a standard connector for the hose is 11 mm, the width of the saucer is 20 cm. As a result, we have a hookah of "average height" that will be convenient to use at home and in hookah’s bars. Because of the wide section of the shaft, the pull is quite light, resembling the hookah hook AMY.

The mouthpiece that comes with is also made of stainless steel, 33 cm long, 11 mm inside diameter. Mouthpiece quality, pleasantly felt in the hand, well suited for disposable mouthpieces from Evroshisha.

The hookah valve has 8 channels and a latent purge, which can definitely be recorded as a plus. This is one of the most aesthetically correct solutions, which creates an image of a hookah at the moment. The concealed purge valve is also convenient because when purged, stagnant vapor from the bulb will not blow into someone's face, interlocutor or hookah. 

Interest is also caused by engraving. In a standard hookah, a saucer and a mouthpiece are engraved, but you can order an individual engraving.

For hookah’s bars we can note very comfortable seals, the hookah can be taken for the bulb and the shaft. Ports for the cup are made in this way that it allows you to normally use a seal from silicone, which frees from using of napkins.

Now a lot of my friends order themselves an Easy blow to hookah’s bars and they are quite happy with them; the combination of price and quality in this case is the best on the market, for such money you can take soft smoke or mechanic, but this is a matter of tastes.

On the producer website you can add a cup from the company DON and kalaud, which allows you to minimize the time and immediately order everything that is needed.


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