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Maklaud Shisha hookah for sale

 Maklaud Shisha is a Russian producer of hookahs. All products are developed and produced in Russia, the company uses a full cycle of its own production. Dozens of experts help to create these hookahs, as well as hundreds of ordinary hookah culture fans, to whom the company applies for evaluation at all stages of work on its product. The price for the hookah Maklaud Shisha is described by the producer as "honest".

Little about producing

In the producing of these devices used stainless steel and aviation aluminum, this material allows you to achieve the necessary strength and reliability, while retaining a small weight of the product. Hookahs, in addition, pass four stages of quality control to exclude any flaws. This product is delivered in the original packaging, the hookah is completely movable. 

A convenient, stable and easy-cleaning bulb is attached to the shaft by a threaded connection, short-stroke and wide. Hoses are silicone in all models, and the thickness of their walls is 2.5 millimeters with an internal diameter of 11 mm, which should prevent inflexion.

The produces offers four series of its products: Simple, Classic, Style, Exclusive. You can buy the hookah Maklaud Shisha in aluminum design and in the form of a model of stainless steel.

Hookahs of the Simple series are characterized by minimalist design, reasonable rigor and practicality; Classic corresponds to its name, it is a traditional and familiar design; in the Style models, the classic appearance was stylized and was supplemented with decor elements; Finally, when making hookahs of the Exclusive series, author's manual casting is used, subjected to multistage processing for quality improvement.

The company also offers a hookah model Banka that is a hookah on an ordinary tin. You can use any tin with a thread of any volume.

Not so long ago, the Russian brand Maklaud appeared on the Russian market. Each new producer seeks to stand out in some way, so that his products are noticed. What is the difference between the products of this brand? The form they have is quite traditional, classical, so you can advise to buy a hookah Maklaud for those who prefer oriental hookahs. At the same time, the old traditions perfectly coexist with the modern design, which in these products looks very interesting.

Particularities of the brand

The producers decided to draw attention to stylish design, and they did it. The peculiarity of hookahs is that they are as minimalistic as possible, nothing superfluous, no pretentious decor. At the same time, they have one decorative ornament on the shaft, which serves as a kind of accent. For example, it could be the head of a Buddha or a ring of skulls. This design really looks impressive.

• The price for hookah Maklaud is quite optimal and affordable, which pleases buyers, so you can get a stylish hookah and not make a hole in your budget.

• Hookahs of different types are produced: metal and aluminum, so you can choose the best option.

• You can use the models with any kinds of tobacco, it depends on your preferences.


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