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«Mexanika Smoke - buy reviews»

Photo hookah Mexanika Smoke Parovoz
Mexanika Smoke Parovoz
18-09-2018 18:35:16
I thought the stem would look like a stick for that price, but actually it looks more interesting than in the photo. I didn’t like the hose in the photo, but it turned out to be better than expected. The grommet is inside and it's not visible. In general, an excellent hookah for its price. Sometimes there are discounts for quantity as far as I understood. It’s great. I have the best shisha in Brooklyn

Mexanika Smoke hookah for sale

Sharp appearance, a hookah with a masculine character, in a word it is Mexanika Smoke.

Hookah comes from Orenburg, with high-quality steel and steel character from the Urals: brutal details, corners, steel, high-quality polishing and processing.

The company produces hookahs from pure stainless steel, deviating as much as possible from classic "oriental" motifs, such hookahs as Khalil Mamoon, Sherif, Garden, Starbuzz and other companies that have and produce classic models of hookahs.

Only a couple of years ago, we could only observe the classic hookahs, maximum Temple and Nano Smoke went beyond the standards. Now, thanks to such companies as Mexanika Smoke the hookah industry and a variety of hookahs develop by leaps and bounds.

To the note to those who want to buy a hookah from Mexanika Smoke! They are made of stainless steel Aisi 304 with a tolerance for food use, a hookah has a diffuser also made of stainless steel, an interesting rectangular stainless saucer, a stainless steel mouthpiece, a silicone hose and a bulb.

Outwardly the hookah resembles a hookah "VZ"

The height of the hookah is 53 centimeters, the internal diameter of the shaft is 13 mm, the inner diameter of the mouthpiece is 11 mm and the upper diameter of the is 9 mm.

One of the interesting features of the hookah is that you can choose a square or round saucer.

In addition to all there is an instruction for assembling a hookah and a proprietary packing box.

According to the producing, the hookah was created for the house, and did not mean workhorses for hookahs to work without interruption, but at the same time, this hookah could withstand quite strong loads.

The company has a guarantee, even after the expiry of the warranty period; Mexanika Smoke will help you choose the most optimal solution for the problem.


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