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OtIvanа hookahs for sale

   According to the creator of this hookah, this is a very high-quality product minimal in design.

  Connoisseurs of something exquisite will appreciate this very cool device, because this hookah is used in almost every restaurant, a cafe and where there is a possibility to smoke, and it costs quite expensive in such establishments. Roughly speaking, this is very expensive pleasure. You can buy the hookah Otivana hete at the most reasonable prices. This company has been popular for a long time, many who have money buy this hookah, since it is one of the best in this price category, if not the best. You need to feel it, because these sensations are inexpressible. 

  The developer has collected everything manually, the design is unique, and every similar hookah from this company is something universal, powerful and pleasant. You can smoke all day and you will not want to stop (there is no dependence). They use this hookah around the world, practically in all countries, so this is a well-known brand that continues to develop and conquer new peaks.

Models and design

  There is a new color version of this product called New One Super charger, and those who like classic and want to buy the original and first version of this hookah, you can buy Hard Steel Edition, which is made of heavy steel. The hookah weighs, in comparison with other hookahs, quite a lot. But, what is the difference? The height of the shaft is from 13 to 48 cm, that is, there is an average size and a little more than the average, depending on the wishes of the consumer. 

  It is a lot of smoke, if you sit in a small room, you can lose your friend in smoke, it is just fine. Any components can be replaced, the shaft is completely movable, and the mouthpiece, bowl and flask can be replaced by your loved ones. The hose for smoking is also very high quality, so you do not have to buy a new one. Simultaneously, it is long, flexible and qualitative, cracks do not arise even after very long use. All materials are quality, components are only original, the company produces details for its device, so you cannot worry and buy. 

Price and buying

  Yes, the amount of the product is quite high and not everyone can buy it, but those who have already bought it did not regret it at all. The price for a hookah Otivana is about 16,000 rubles, depending on the components selected. Our company can confidently give the recommendation, because this hookah firmly won the respect of many hookah smokers and confidently moves forward, the company invests its soul in creating of better quality product. In a few years, we can confidently say that this company can become one of the best, if not the best, thanks to Ivan for this. And if you want a similar device, you can buy a hookah Оtivana with delivery in our store at standard prices, we only have the best reviews. You can easily buy from us and get your good right in your hands, without leaving home. 


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