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Regal hookah for sale

  Mostly their activities are aimed at making mines for hookahs. All Regal products have the highest quality. All materials from which the hookahs of this company are made are completely ecological. Their appearance is distinguished by a special style, and the construction has high operational and qualitative characteristics. 

Materials of hookahs Regal?

  If you still decide to buy a hookah Regal then get at your disposal a quality device that belongs to the premium class. These handsome men with a noble crown are decorated by real wood. The production uses nut, mahogany and a dark pine of local growth. What is the popularity of these hookahs? And all ingenious is simple:

  • Original design.
  • Better blow and great thermal conductivity.
  • Decoration from wood.

  All shafts are made integral, not a single seam, which only increases their reliability. The central part is from stainless steel, which avoids the appearance of fungus and rust, and also eliminates the possibility of foreign smells. The outer part is made mainly from anodized aluminum using inserts of noble wood.

  The construction does not assume the presence of unnecessary details, which contributes to an easier passage of smoke in the system and simplicity of care for hookah.

Portfolio of the hookahs Regal

  The company is represented by two basic models, it is "Melech" and "Queen". In the royal family there is also the son "Prince", whose shaft is the most compact of all Regal shafts. They differ from each other only in size and value according to their rank. The size of the shaft does not affect the blow or other smoking properties.

How to order the hookah Regal?

  The company also provides a unique opportunity to order and buy a Regal hookah with delivery, making their individual unique symbols. This is done by making an additional payment. You can even provide your sketches of the desired model. Hookah will be made in accordance with all your conditions, if they are, of course, doable.
  The production of the company Regal is constructed in such a way that it makes it possible to make a hookah from a simple change of the basic coloring to the form of the mouthpiece. The company produces only shafts. Other producers make the bowls and the hoses.

  Also you can order from the masters individual author's glass mouthpieces. The production of the company is equipped with a large number of modern machine tools with high accuracy, and this guarantees surely high quality products. It is thanks to quality that Regal is still the world leader and a favorite among producers of VIP hookahs. 
  Here you can choose or order a premium hookah Regal, the price for which will not be very different from many other hookahs. Thanks to this, the interior of your house will be renewed with a fine product made of precious wood. 


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