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Sherif Fowzy hookah for sale

 There are different points of view about where the hookah first appeared. There is an assumption that in Egypt. At least, Egyptian hookah is one of the oldest, they are considered classic and traditional. A bright distinctive feature of such products is a bell-shaped bulb, as well as some technical features. If you like models of this type, then you can buy the hookah Sherif Fawzy 

Particularities of the brand

What do this brand differ, in addition to the fact that the producer follows the Egyptian traditions?

• Hookah flasks are made by hand, they have original patterns and drawings, which are created by masters, so it is impossible to find two identical bulbs. The design resembles an ethnic style, but it looks unobtrusive.

• The price for hoookah Sherif Fawzy is oprimal, it is available product, which you can buy without problems. This buying will not be expensive.

• Shafts for hookahs are made of various metals: brass, steel, bronze. This allows you to achieve increased reliability and durability.


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