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Photo hookah Union Hookah Sleek
Union Hookah Sleek
19-09-2018 18:05:31
I have a Union for about three months. Everything is fine. Just don’t store it in the sauna and everything will be fine. Best shisha store in USA

Union Hookah for sale

This Russian brand creates inexpensive, but functional and quality. They use the stainless steel for producing, which remains resistant to oxidation and other factors.

Particularities UNION Hookah

The smoothness and ease of traction, the simplicity of blowing, the beautiful appearance it is a reason for buying a hookah UNION Hookah. It is made immediately from several materials: the shaft is made of steel, the connectors are made of structural plastic, the decorative lining on the shaft and the mouthpiece are made of wood. The shaft has a completely mavable construction on threaded connections. 


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