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Bowls for hookahs Upper

Bowls for hookahs Upper

  The novelties in the world of hookah industry are not surprising to anyone, because there are too many of them. Everyone offers new technologies and super materials, but is it so? There are only a dozen really standing domestic brands that sell components for hookahs. And one of them is ‘Upper’. Do you want to buy a Upper bowl? Then please contact us, we will provide you with a range of models and the best price.

History and varieties

  The company appeared only a few years ago and immediately gained popularity in his hometown. Kazan is small compare to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but quite a populated city, which became the birthplace of this brand. Several masters, who are familiar with the work with similar designs, began to produce components for hookahs. It turned out so well that production began to expand every day.

  The price of a Upper bowl is its first and main advantage. It is so profitable that you start to think about the trick. But there is no trick, the quality of products is at the highest level. The main advantage of the brand is that it is constantly using a variety of new products. For example, they create a bowl of white clay, which heats up several times faster. The same can be said about the model range, the brand creates bowls of any kind. There is a model in the form of a skull, a triangle, wood. With the imagination of the masters everything is ok and they prove it with their quality crafts. If you want to buy something original and unique, we advise you to buy the Upper bowl with delivery in our internet shop. We guarantee you the maximum quality of the products provided, as well as a very competitive price.


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