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VZ Hookah hookah for sale

 This hookah has a huge number of particularities and advantages. Externally it looks very nice and stylish, and the sizes are not too big, slightly larger than the average. The total diameter of the shaft is 13 cm, which makes the blow extremely pleasant. There is a diffuser that can be put and removed at any time. Thanks to this detail smoking of hookah is completely silent, but if the sound does not interfere, you can safely remove it and continue smoking with the usual sound for the hookah. Also in the package there is a very convenient smoking hose that does not crack and rotates all 180 degrees. Due to this, you do not have to be careful at all times when smoking, so as not to break the hose, everyone who has ever smoked a hookah faced the above problem. 
  Our company offers to buy hookah VZ for all the above reasons, but there are a lot of details why this hookah is one of the best. 

"Tricky part" of the product

  As it was written above, a hookah is very stylish and unusual. The main material is copper, but there are also models of aluminum and stainless steel. The saucer can be engraved, everything is safe. Also the main feature of this hookah is its valve. Blowing the bulb is done quickly, almost in 1 time, and at the same time "drown" the cup and all around soiling, and spoil the coal will not possible. 
  Many people ask about the price of the hookah VZ. Is it too expensive or not?

  As it was written, this hookah is made by hand by a craftsman, which is why, naturally, the price should be higher than some not very high quality hookahs. But do not worry, anyone can buy a hookah VZ Hookah with delivery from us.   
 We will deliver all the goods directly to you, and do not worry, we have only originals and quality goods. Buy quietly or come to us, we are glad to see you. If you tried this hookah, you would not want to try something else, because it smokes very well, and impressions are delightful. 


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