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Y4 hookah for sale

   The Russian creator does not mind telling how the device created by him works and assures that the quality is the highest. And all those who have tried, will agree that Y4 is not only very cheap and does not cause health damage, but it also smells very good and has a beautiful appearance, although it is not made from too expensive materials, like, for example, a hookah from Wook, which is much more expensive.
   You can buy the hookah Y4 in different stores, but at us in the online store the product is always available.

Differences and advantages

  Let's see how this hookah differs from others and why it is worth spending your money on the buying of this device. How does it differ from its analogues? Let's start in order:

  • Smoking this hookah is a pleasure, especially indoors with friends. You can perform different "tricks" with smoke from the hookah and spend a good time.
  • The price for hookah Y4 is only around 5000 rubles, it depends on the model! Imagine, while other similar hookahs cost 15000 rubles each, this budgetary variant is in 3 times cheaper and anyone can buy it. And all the charm is that, as was said, in terms of power and all characteristics, it is not much inferior to its expensive counterparts. Except for the appearance.
  • It is made from the most expensive materials, in any case they are of high quality. The hose bends 180 degrees, so it is very rare to see cracks. The depth of the mine is 13 cm, like the standard hookahs. The shaft is made from glass, and other details are mostly made of plastic, metal and other inexpensive materials. We understand there will be some doubt that the hookah may not be of high quality, but we give a guarantee that this is not so and you will certainly be satisfied. Do not worry about anything, you can read reviews; this is the most budgetary hookah and one of the best quality.

  Now, you decide, you want to buy a hookah Y4 with delivery from us and get this miracle in your hand, without leaving home. If yes, order and do not forget that we do not recommend a bad product to our customers, our store is famous because we sell only the best quality, original products at the lowest prices and we support our customers in all.


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