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Bowls for hookahs SmokeLab

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Photo hookah Bowl SmokeLab Mummy
Bowl SmokeLab Mummy
20-09-2018 19:14:56
I liked immensely Smokelab bowls, they are very high-quality. Tobacco consumption is fine. It does not leak!
Photo hookah Bowl SmokeLab Mummy
Bowl SmokeLab Mummy
18-09-2018 18:42:39
Eternal classic is always the best choice! I have already changed a few of these (because I broke all of them), tried the others, but this it is still the best, I recommend it.

Bowls for hookahs SmokeLab

  It is very simple to buy a SmokeLab bowl for hookah, but is it worth it? There are a lot of connoisseurs of hookahs in recent years, a lot of manufacturers make even more product. It seems that almost everywhere you can find an offer to purchase a particular spare part. When you are choosing a bowl, just take your time, because the whole process depends on it. The right choice - is the pledge to a comfortable smoking in the future.

The incredible competitor

  The company Smartlab appeared in 2008, in Omsk, and began manufacturing everything that related to hookahs. But over time, they switched to the bowls, as well as the main components. We don’t forget about the hookahs themselves, which have always had an excellent quality. The price per SmokeLab bowl is purely symbolic, that will not tell us about its characteristics. It will not only prolong your smoking, but and make it much better.

  The company has always devoted a lot of time to design, which is an innovation in the Russian market. We often pay attention to the characteristics. In visual terms, everyone is indifferent, but the Smokelab was able to break that stereotype and prove the fact that the hookah should be stylish. They even work on the design of separate parts. Let’s go back to the bowls, which look very cool.

  Most of the bowls are made of clay and have excellent quality. The main advantage of the brand in the range, each line has a unique appearance and can be selected for any hookah. If you want to buy a SmokeLab bowl for hookah with delivery, please contact our online store. We will not only help you to make the right choice, but also deliver the goods in the shortest possible time. You will be surprised by the friendliness of our managers, as well as the favorable price of products.


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