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Photo hookah CWP Razor
CWP Razor
19-09-2018 18:06:11
Just an incredible hookah, I bought it for my girlfriend as a gift. I said I want a big beautiful hookah! She was really keen on hookahs so I had to buy something special. So I decided to buy CWP Once you take it in your hands, you can immediately see the quality. Easy to smoke. That’s what we needed.
Photo hookah CWP Circa
CWP Circa
18-09-2018 18:38:21
The quality is great. The hookah looks awesome. I really like to smoke it. Also thanks for prompt delivery

CWP hookah for sale

  Initially, all production was located not in the territory of the Russian Federation, but there was not enough to fully implement the intended, capacities and production technologies. That is why the company decided to produce hookahs by the forces of its neighbors from China. To ensure a decent quality of their products, employees themselves checked all the products and framed it. 

  Over time, overcoming the difficulties in understanding their innovations, the guys were able to achieve unprecedented success. Now you can buy a hookah CWP anywhere, and they are very popular in hookah bars around the world. 

The company listens carefully and takes into account the wishes of users of their hookahs, applying new technologies and design changes in hookahs. This is undoubtedly an important factor in choosing the producer, because not everyone will go for a technology change to please the buyer. 

Price for hookahs CWP

  The first product that saw the light was the CWP Original hookah. It combines the ease of use, which is understandable even to an inexperienced person, and a stylish incomparable design. The height of the hookah is only 33 cm. And its weight is not more than 2.5 kg. Thick glass acts as an additional means of cooling. The perfectly formed bowl allows you to stop using foil. You can buy this hookah from CWP. The price for it is indicated in the product card on the site, and the product itself is regularly available. 

Shifter, Gravity, Razor...

  The next model of hookah CWP Shifter is with a slightly enlarged diameter of the bulb, which has an extension to the base. This increases the stability of the construction and gives it a special piquancy. The whole model is painted with intricate patterns that harmoniously fit into any design of the room, whether it is a modern office or hookah bar decorated in an antique style. Painting patterns also touched the mouthpiece of the hookah for a full sense of touching the art. 

  The hookahs CWP Gravity present the high end model of hookah made in the style of blubber. At the same time, the design of the product retains all the particularities of the CWP hookahs: a bowl with convenient coal placement, a reliable valve system and thick glass. Lighting will help create a unique atmosphere during smoking hookah. The height of the hookah is 70 cm with a weight of 4.5 kg. The appearance of the hookah looks impressive and massive. You can always buy this hookah CWP with delivery on the pages of our website. 

  In addition to glass hookahs, the company CWP is engaged in the production of metallic types of hookah. This innovation was enthusiastically received by fans of their creativity. The using modern materials and development the construction to the ideal made it possible to create a real masterpiece of art called Razor. The versatility of the design is that the shaft is suitable for most glass bottles on the market..


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