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Darkside hookah for sale

  One of the most popular hookahs is the hookah Darkside. Its price in our online store is 13500 rubbles.

  On our website we also offer to buy this hookah Darkside with home delivery. The appearance and basic characteristics of the product meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. However, the main disadvantage of this smoking device is the lack of a bulb in the set. You will have to order it additionally. True connoisseurs of domestic hookahs will certainly pay attention to the hookah Darkside, because the price of this product conforms to the quality. 

Price for hookahs Darkside

  In our online store there is presented one of the best models of this hookah Darkside Apollo. These elegant models are made in |Russia and they are of the best home hookahs. The products of this brand are made from high quality aviation aluminum. This metal undergoes special treatment with heavy-duty anodizing. Therefore, the owners of the Darkside model do not have to worry that the details of this product can be scratched or corroded. 

  The inner tube of the shaft is made of special stainless steel. The inside of the tube is covered with a special alloy, thanks to which the process of washing the hookah is greatly simplified. After the process of smoking, the shaft is simply washed under a stream of running water, and all the tobacco leaves the walls together with a stream of water. The plaque on the walls after washing does not remain. 

Complement of hookah Darkside

  Now you can buy here the hookah Darkside of only model Darkside Apollo. The height of the shaft of this model is 62 cm, and the radius is 5.5 mm. The port on the hose has a radius of 4.2 mm, so this model is distinguished by an excellent blow, and the hookah is easily blown. 

There are on sale the next color types of Darkside Apollo:

  • Stealth Grey;
  • Apollo Gimson;
  • Indigo Blue.

There are on set with this model:

  • shaft;
  • tongs;
  • hose;
  • mouthpiece;
  • saucer;
  • seals.

  Connection of parts to each other is select. The producer gives the opportunity to buy a hookah Darkside with a bulb, it is not included in the basic set, but we have a wide selection of bulbs to choose from. 

Particularities of this model

  1. For Darkside, there is a special valve for blowing. With the help of such a device, it is enough to blow the shaft once and to get rid of the remains of tobacco smoke. At the same time, the bowl cools faster.
  2. The hose is attached easily and simply to the built-in port. And the whole process of installing the model is a few minutes even for a person without special skills. 
  3. The perfect size of shaft (height and radius) and port guarantee the excellent blow, thank to this the taste of tobacco feels fully.
  4. It is easy to wash the shaft after using, flushing and plaque, and tobacco residues. After the shaft is washed, there is no smell of tobacco.
  5. The price does not depend on the color of model.


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