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Coals for kaloud



Coals for kaloud

 Many smokers in the preparation of hookah use the kaloud and not foil. It is an aluminum device in the form of a circle, where already ignited coal is placed. We offer to buy the coal for the kaloud of the high quality. Using this method of ignition, you cannot worry about coals until the moment of smoking.

 In place of the traditional foil, which attracts accessibility, more advanced components like a kaloud come. It makes the process of smoking hookah pleasant and comfortable. In its standard form, this is a vessel of aluminum in which decaying coal is put. The design is closed by a cover and differs in resistance to thermal influence. We offer to buy the coal for a kaloud with delivery throughout Russia. When using this device, the consumption of coal will be more, since some of the heat is spent on heating the aluminum body. 

 The price of coal for Kaloud Edition depends on the number of bars in it. The coal is natural, as it is from coconut. There will be no smoke and sparks when burning and smoking. You can buy the coal for kaloud online in our online store. We provide favorable terms of delivery to any city in Russia.


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