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Egeglas Hookahs for sale

  The glass used to make these hookahs is particularly strong and it is made from borosilicate that has the ability to withstand temperatures above 7000 ° C.

  Masters from Germany do not expand the range of their glass hookahs, but create exclusive models. The hookahs on sale are a piece exemplar. Over time, masters just modify the hookah. The authors of the first glass hookahs was the German master Gunnar Egienolf, who, in fact, owns the development of the original appearance of the hookah Egeglas. He alone produced beautiful glass hookahs and sold them not only in Germany, but also abroad. Now the best craftsmen work on this man, as well as distributors of this product in the country and abroad. 

  Among other hookahs made from glass, the hookahs Egeglas stand out for their beauty, unusual design, and constantly updated forms. But specially processed Czech glass, from which these smoking devices are made, as if specially created for this hookah. 

Characteristics of model

Hookahs Egeglas differ the next brand characteristics:

  • Czech glass used for making models;
  • only joints of stainless steel are used;
  • materials used in the producing of products have high strength. Such hookahs are durable even with constant use;
  • installation of models is done carefully;
  • elegancy make an any model of this brand different;
  • high blow of hookah.

  The beautiful design of models will fit into any interior, laconic products do not look plain or discreet. Another advantage is the ability to pick up any color design of the product. Borosilicate glass and steel parts used in the producing of models are completely safe for the human body even when heated. They do not absorb foreign smells; the hookah is well washed even under cold running water. Observed exemplars have no disadvantages that are why Egeglas products are the most popular and actual among other glass hookahs of the world's leading companies. 

  Another advantage of these glass hookahs is the high strength of borosilicate Czech glass. The owners of hookahs Egeglas note that the glass mouthpieces do not break and do not crack, even falling on the parquet floor. Other details of this device are quite heavy, but the glass in these details is quite thick, so the drop of this glass device on the floor will not lead to tragic consequences. 

Complement of hookah Egeglas

Usually there are in the set:

  • bowl;
  • shaft;
  • hose;
  • mouthpiece;
  • bulb.

  But the hookah tongs are offered different to the choice of buyers. These hookahs belong to the premium class due to the fact that each model is exclusive and original. Their use is able to give new sensations, and true connoisseurs have long felt the pleasure of smoking the hookahs of Egaglas. 

Price for hookahs Egeglas

  In our company you can buy the hookahs Egeglas, and the quality of the model conforms to the price of the hookah Egeglas, the price is 16490 rubbles. And it is this case when the price conforms the quality of the offered product. 


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