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Fabula Temple 45 for sale

 Smoking hookah is a real passion, passion of kings and rastamans, it takes minds and helps get rid of bad habits. But to fully enjoy the aroma of smoke, it should be a really high quality hookah.

 It should be noted that the hookahs Fabula temple 45 occupy 90% of the Russian market, in addition, they are used in the best hookah countries, hookah bars, pubs and restaurants. On our site you can buy the hookah Temple 45 (Temple 45) and for home use. Here you can get all the necessary details for the hookah, and, of course, the best hookah tobacco. 

Little history

  Art Hookah is a producer, whose devices have taken a leading position in the world market of hookahs. Initially, the model Fabula temple was released by another company Lite Pro. But the production had significant defects and shortcomings: the rubber connectors gave an unpleasant smell, and the metal ball quickly lost its basic properties. Of course, such devices were not in great demand among consumers, although the idea was good. It was quickly picked up by the brand Art Hookah. Appearance and form of hookahs did not have significant changes, but their "filling" has strongly transformed:

  • producer got off completely rubber details;
  • metal ball was not necessary;
  • all components of the device are made of high-strength glass;
  • there was a highlight, it not only effectively marks the production of Art Hookah among many competitors, but also it is a distinctive feature of hookahs Fabula.

  Today hookahs Fabula are available in different versions and models, the devices have different characteristics and appearance. To buy the hookah Temple 45 in any performance you can on our website, not worrying about the originality and quality of products. At us you will find only devices from world famous producers. 

Prices for hookahs Fabula

  Today the market is full of a lot of fakes, because to buy a hookah Fabula in the original version for many it is a great success. Do not risk money and pleasant impressions, it is better to immediately turn to our site and get a really high-quality thing. In this case, the price of hookah Temple 45 will be much cheaper than other suppliers.
  So why do the connoisseurs of hookahs choose Fabula Temple? First of all, because of its unique characteristics:

  • highlight;
  • using of glass details from high-strength material;
  • many models are equipped with a control panel for selecting the hue;;
  • simultaneously simple and the most effective design allows you to get maximum pleasure from the inhalation of any smoke, apart the initial product.

The complements of hookahs Fabula:

  • main bulb;
  • through device;
  • silicon hose;
  • saucer with bowl.

  The price of hookah Fabula justifies itself in full, and when you buy the goods in our online store, you will get a substantial discount. Now to buy a hookah Fabula Temple 45 with delivery is easy, it is enough just to order the desired product name on our website. 


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