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Hookahs 100 cm for sale

To buy a hookah with a height of 100 cm it is to choose a smart device that will catch the eye of impressive size. Such devices will delight anyone who prefers to get maximum pleasure from smoking. In addition, these hookahs are the perfect solution if you plan to smoke in a large company.

Price for hookahs 100 cm?

 The big smoking devices look very beautiful and unusual. And they fit harmoniously into not only in the design of the hookah bar, but also in the design of villa or apartment. The sensations of smoking are indescribable, and the reviews of 100 cm high hookahs say about it. It is noted that such a device quickly generates a large amount of smoke that allows you to enjoy smoking longer. The high shaft is ideal for translating into reality the various design solutions, thanks to which the devices acquire originality.

 The price of hookahs with a height of 100 cm is quite acceptable, while you get devices that are better cooled with a thin purification of vapor, and also provide an opportunity for collective smoking. This is achieved by the possibility of additional equipment with two or three food silicone hoses. According to reviews, such smoking devices allow you to get maximum pleasure from smoking. This is ensured by a wide shaft, due to which each tightening is powerful.

We offer to buy high hookahs of the following brands:

  • Khalil Mamoon,
  • Ager,
  • Pharaon,
  • Hookah Tree,
  • Fabula.

 Some models are made in the traditions of Oriental style; the others present modern European tendencies. In any case, producers will delight you with high quality and excellent smoking properties. You can buy any models of hookahs in our online store. 


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