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Hookahs 90 cm for sale

 The hookah lovers often look for non-standard solutions so that the device is functional and at the same time decorative, speaking in the original decor of the room. In this case, it is advisable to buy a hookah with a height of 90 cm - catchy, spectacular and has unique smoking properties.

Particularities of hookahs 90 cm

 The main element of each smoking device is a shaft, the height of which determines the quality of smoking. Its purpose is to cool the smoke, since the colder it is, the thicker and tastier it will be. A height of 90 cm is considered ideal, as vapors of essential oils will not settle in the shaft, respectively, they will not flow into the bulb. Reviews of hookahs with a height of 90 cm indicate that these models are ideal for home use, and to equip a hookah bar. Among the interesting models in our catalog are the following:

  • If you like non-standard solutions, pay attention to Hoob Rig, Hoob Code or any model of this brand. The producer pays attention to minimalism and futurism, so the devices look gorgeous. Their disadvantage is the high cost, which varies between 10,000 and 15,000 rubles;
  • If you like the classic variations then pay attention to the hookahs from Syria and Egypt: under the brands Pharaon, Al Aziz, Khalil Mamoon, traditional Oriental devices are produced in bright colors and with colorful patterns. The height of 90 cm for such models is the most optimal, since the shaft is able to withstand high temperatures, and the smoking process itself will be longer. The price of hookahs 90 cm high Syrian and Egyptian production varies between 8000-19000 rubles.

 Of the budget variants for hookahs, the height of which is 90 cm, one can mention products of the Ager and “ArtHookah” brands. It is also of high quality and reliability. 


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