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Hookahs are handmade

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Hookahs are handmade for sale

Looking for an original gift or collect rare smoking devices? In this section, you can choose a handmade hookah. These accessories are created from natural materials with the maximum amount of handmade, which guarantees their quality and originality.

Handmade hookahs features

Any product created in a single copy by hand, looks original and individually. You can always buy a handmade hookah in our online store. Such models are chosen due to the following features:

  • personality: most models are created by masters in one or two copies, while the materials and processing may differ significantly, which affects their non-standard
  • exclusivity: handmade hookahs are created only from natural materials, thus achieving their uniqueness
  • reliability: an abundance of handmade and a minimum of automatic processing - a guarantee that each smoking device will be made with attention to detail and build quality

Quality and custom design distinguish handmade wooden hookahs. Those models are created by such brands as Regal, OtIvana, Japona Hookah, Art Hookah. Manufacturers use a unique combination of wooden stems made of beech, oak, ash wood with transparent flasks made of Bohemian glass. This approach allows brands to create premium class hookahs, which are always exclusive. They are ideal as an expensive gift, as they embody all the traditions of Oriental style and help to convey the spirit of a particular country.

Original parts for hookahs

When creating smoking devices, many brands focus on the production of some parts from rare materials. Those, for example, are:

  • Medusa Fabula. The feature of this model is in a flask made of Bohemian glass, which professional Czech masters do in blowing. Even the drawings on it are applied by hand, which shows their originality and individuality.
  • Egeglass. This handmade hookah is completely made of glass, there is not a single metal part in it, and this is its value.

Many brands use a handmade hookah mouthpiece when creating smoking devices. The use of natural materials - wood ash, oak - allows you to get hygienic and safe for health components for hookahs.


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