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Khalil Mamoon hookah

Khalil Mamoon hookah for sale

  A hookah was named in honor of Mamoon Khalil, who handed the craft to his son, and that to his son ... In general, the descendants of Mamoon Khalil are still engaged in the production of hookahs.

From what are they made?

  In these hookahs there are no removable elements, so they are so durable. Shafts in the inner part are made of stainless steel, so it is possible not to think about the service life. Suitable metals for decorating: 

  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • tin.

  The elements of a hookah are very strong, therefore, it is impossible to break it. Having bought such a hookah in your youth, you will enjoy it also at the end of your days. The price for the hookah Khalil Mamoon varies depending on the model. The chippest variant can be bought for 80- 90$, but real connoisseurs can afford an variant for $ 200-300. 

Are they really so good?

  The hookahs Khalil Mamun can be compared with Rolls-Royce, only in the world of hookahs. It has no equal hookahs in quality or in terms of the sensations. Such hookahs stand in the sheikhs and are the pride of true connoisseurs.
 We offer you to buy a hookah Khalil Mamoon with delivery and at a reasonable price. Do not refuse yourself this pleasure. If you do not try, you will not know what you lose. You should choose the hookah according to the design. All Khalil Mamoon models are smoked the same way. Variants Khalil Mamoon depending on the price:

  • hookahs from are chipper stainless steel;
  • more expensive models have copper and zinc decoration;
  • the most expensive hookahs have oxydation and they are black;
  • Khalil Mamoon hoses are very good, but if you have a desire, you can replace it by wide Chinese hoses Ager and Mya. They will not be worse. Many are confused by traces of adhesions, but it is impossible to remove it. The details cannot be held together in any other way. There are cheaper hookahs. They look better in appearance, but they will break faster. 

Where can you buy Khalil Mamoon?

  Everything is simple, we sell the hookahs Khalil Mamoon in Moscow. But do not be sad if this is not your city. For out-of-town people we can make the delivery. Is it worth reminding that this hookah is worth such efforts?

 Many think that they are made in the USA, but it is not. The real producers of this brand are in Egypt. Online stores in the United States are engaged in the buying up of hookahs from Egypt. If you are in Egypt or Turkey, do not think that all hookahs are Khalil Mamoon. There a lot of the hookahs are made, so there are hundreds of models and producers. But do not be disappointed, there are many hookahs that are not so much worse than Khalil Mamoon.   
 If the details are made of stainless steel from inside, a shaft of a wide diameter, and the parts are welded together, then do not worry. This hookah will be at you for a long time and you will get a lot of unforgettable moments and impressions. 

What do the owners say?

  There are enough reviews about the hookah Khalil Mamoon on the Internet. Perhaps, it is necessary to give some of them for an example:
  "One day, my husband was in a company of friends and tried a hookah. After some time he brought a small hookah, saying that it was "on trial"). When I realized that my husband really likes this occupation, like me, I decided to give something qualitative to the nearest holiday.
  I chose Khalil Mamoon. Many good reviews and great history... Husband was all steamed up! I am glad that I did not make the mistake.
Asya Gor"

"I chose a hookah as a gift for the New Year. I and my darling man often go in hookah bars, so I thought about the opportunity to buy it at home. When I was in the store, I immediately realized: this is exactly what you need. Handmade beautiful design and undoubted quality. We were satisfied.


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