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Chinese hookahs

 Today many brands create smoking devices. Of course, there are always well-known companies from Eastern countries or Europe, but you can buy Chinese hookahs, which are not worse than expensive analogues by aesthetic properties, and by smoking characteristics. 

Reasonable price and quality

 The advantage of Chinese brands is that their products are high-quality and often unique and you can buy it quite inexpensively. For example, in our online store you will find both a small Chinese hookah and a dimensional model, which is ideal for use by a large company. It is noteworthy that there are no completely Chinese hookahs, just many brands from Russia and Germany set up their production in China, but production is carried out according to European technologies. Among the interesting models of hookahs made in China can be noted:

  • Zumo: models of this brand have composite connection, the shaft is made of chrome steel. The unusualness of devices is in non-standard design matte bulb.
  • Amy. The products of this brand are popular all over the world, besides, you can buy it quite cheaply. On average, the models cost between 4000-5000 rubles. The highlight of hookahs it is a compact size.
  • MYA. Economical hookahs are produced under this brand, the cost of which barely reaches 3,000 rubles. At the same time they are supplied fully loaded and have a stainless steel shaft.

 Prices for Chinese hookahs are cheaper than other brands, but this does not affect the quality and functionality of the devices. The use of European equipment in the production and introduction of innovative technologies allows brands to create high-quality products. You can buy the stylish accessories in the online store “Sweet Smoke” with favorable delivery terms. 


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