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Hookah charcoal size 25/25/25 mm.

«Size 25/25/25 mm. - buy reviews»

Photo hookah Panda XL (72 cube)
Panda XL (72 cube)
18-09-2018 18:40:16
Good charcoal, heat-resistant. This pack lasts very long. I have 72pcs.

Hookah charcoal size 25/25/25 mm.

The taste and softness of the smoke depend on the quality of the coal. We offer to buy the coal for the hookah 25 mm, which is a classic variant for most smoking devices. Size 25 * 25 * 25 mm provides faster heating of the bowl, which retains heat for one and a half hours.

 The coals cubes of this size are ideal for hookahs, which have deep and large bowls. Two coals are enough to heat quickly the hookah and enjoy the fragrant smoke. It is worth remembering that cubes of this size are not suitable for small bowls. Coals of this configuration are offered by many brands, and it has the following features:

  • no smells,
  • it does not crumble,
  • easy to ignite
  • it keeps the heat for a long time.

 The price of a big coal for hookah is slightly higher than the standard version, but it differs by less consumption. Thanks to the natural basis, the use of the product is completely safe. You can buy the coal of a big size in our online store. We offer high-quality and certified products from leading producers. So if you like smoking hookah with deep and high bowls, and then choose a bigger coal for them. 


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