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«Square hookah - buy reviews»

Photo hookah Hookah Box Cube
Hookah Box Cube
18-09-2018 17:02:16

Square hookah for sale

 Looking for an original gift to your family or friends? We offer to surprise them and buy a square hookah. Such models are created by several brands, they look very stylish and original due to the unusual design and shape. Compact smoking devices provide the formation of saturated smoke at a light weight.

Buy square hookah in Moscow

A square hookah with lighting and without it is a uniquely beautiful smoking device, which, due to its non-standard, will effectively complement any interior. Like conventional models, they are made of stainless steel and glass, and their originality is based on a square bowl. As a rule, these accessories are among the premium, but they differ:

* light traction

* good vapor filtration

* usability

Such models are beautiful in themselves, so they are devoid of decorative elements. The main materials are glass, metal, paints, which are distinguished by safety. Mouthpieces are made of solid wood.

Popular models and prices for square hookahs

There are not so many brands offering square hookahs. The most famous for unusual products are two brands:

* Hoob. Model Hoob Atom C is a stylish transparent square hookah that has a LED stand. Minimalistic design, compactness, mobility - all these are the differences of this revolutionary model. The main feature of the hookah is in the special mounting system MAGNETIC LOCK, which ensures complete impermeability of the structure.

* Nanosmoke. Stylish smoking devices are presented in the line of this brand. It consists of two sections: one is filled with water, the second is needed for the formation of smoke. The model’s notable trait - a strong bowl that does not break even when dropped.


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