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Magix hookah for sale

  Being a universal hookah, it combines high quality, well-designed style and original design. Thick and fragrant smoke will give you many pleasant minutes. The models of hookahs Magix will be a perfect addition to any interior and will look in any room. Models of this producer are used at home and in hookah bars. Therefore, if you decide to buy a hookah Magix, you will not regret it. In addition, the Magix company is engaged in production:

  • bowls;
  • hoses (usual and silicon);
  • carbon;
  • wire brush;
  • cake;
  • bulbs and others.


When did they start to produce the hookahs?

  The company first appeared on the world market in the 2008th years. No one knows exactly where it appeared. Some believe that it was Belgium, others say that it was England. It will not be possible to find out where is true, and where is a lie. And they did it to attract customers. After all, the company is Russian, and all goods are produced in China, which does not have a good effect on reputation.
 When someone says about China, we immediately remember the cheap and not very high-quality goods. But to the delight of consumers the hookahs Magix made in good faith and many advise to choose them. At us you can buy hookahs Magix of high quality and at the best price. Magix makes all details itself. As a result, there is the production that can compete with world leaders in the field of hookahs. 

What does Magix do now?

  At the moment they are copying some glass hookahs of various well-known companies. All details are bought at the factory by original producers. Therefore sometimes it turns out that hookahs Magix are not worse than their prototypes, but they can surpass them.
  But the company produces not only glass hookahs on the basis of original spare details. So such trifles spoil the whole reputation of the company.

From what do they make the hookahs?

  The ordinary bottle glass is used for glass hookahs Magix. At the same time, for the original models of hookahs, producers choose borosilicate glass, which makes the hookah not so fragile. 
 The hookahs are made in a rough manner, so there are many uneven joints and non-sealed fasteners. The biggest disadvantage is the high price for fakes of well-known brands. Sometimes it is better not to buy copies made by Magix.

It means that it is better not to buy them?

  On the contrary. How the quality of fakes is low, so the quality of their original products is high. Produced by their company, from the beginning to the end, hookahs can compete with the most famous brands that they copy. 
  We will help you if you want to buy the quality hookah. In our company you can choose a model to your liking.


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