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Mamay Customs hookah

Mamay Customs hookah for sale

  Over the past few years Russian companies for the production of hookah products have started to grow and develop. But not all producers can be proud of the quality of the goods produced or the new ideas. 

  Now many domestic producers are trying to replicate the famous leaders in the market of hookah. And seldom comes something worthwhile. Fortunately, this is not about Mamay Customs. Fans hookah talk about it as a "hookah with a better blowing."  
   The original design and simplicity of use made Mamay Customs leaders in the Russian market. All details are neat and in case of breakage they can be replaced with new ones. The company does not copy another's style and creates its own. They are based on the centuries-old technology of producing hookahs, using modern materials. This avoids the unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth during smoking and decay of the hookah itself. 
 Hookah can be taken to pieces, cleaned every detail and reinstalled. A careful attitude towards the hookah prolongs its service life. Thanks to the elements used, it is very difficult to break or damage it. And if this happens, you can always order an additional detail. 

Are there any particularities?

  Among the distinctive features of the hookah a flask non-standard form (flattened ball), and a flat saucer for coal are extracted. The producer of hookah Mamay Customs gives a full guarantee and if necessary replace the defective detail for free.
 For an additional pay, you can improve some of the characteristics of the hookah.

Material and main advantages

  There will be no rust. Most of the components are made of stainless steel. The tubes are made of silicone rubber. Adding advanced materials makes the hookah more durable and reliable. 

  Some advantages:

  • materials are completely safe that protect from the toxication during the smoking;
  • construction is equipped with a twistable diffuser, so you can blow it easily and conveniently. Such a hookah is suitable for fans of any blowing and everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the smoke in their own way.
  • stable form will not allow the hookah to tip over during smoking;
  • diffuser provides easy and light blow. Thanks to this you can fully enjoy the hookah, not paying attention to unnecessary noise. It is easy to clean. It is enough to take to pieces it and rinse it with water.

Price and stores Mamay Customs

  The price at a hookah Mamay Customs, on the average, makes 9000 rub, but can vary depending on model. Despite the low cost for a hookah of this quality, we cannot underestimate its advantages towards to other Russian producers.  


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