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Copper hookahs for sale

Hookah smoking is a very ancient tradition that has already taken root in the modern world. Many professionals no longer choose simple models of smoking devices, but are looking for something new. One of these innovative solutions is the copper hookah. Of course, there is no smoking device completely made of this metal, but there are brands that use copper to create a shaft.

To buy the copper hookahs in Sweet Smoke

 The buyers of smoking devices became accustomed to the fact that aluminum, steel, aviation aluminum, and brass alloys are used to create them. Each of these metals and their compounds has many advantages. But brands do not stand still and create more sophisticated models. So, the Russian brand VZ Hookah proposes to estimate the copper hookah VZ. Copper is used to create a very original in design and in structural details shaft. The producer focuses on the following features of its products:

  • strength and wear resistance while maintaining a high cooling rate of smoke,
  • copper is resistant to corrosion and bactericidal properties,
  • copper does not absorb smells, if the maintenance of a hookah is permanent and correct,
  • threaded connection, thanks to which the copper shaft fits perfectly and tightly with the glass bulb,
  • internal diameter of the shaft is 10 cm, which provides excellent cooling of the smoke,
  • a unique design in the style of steam-punk, which will perfectly fit into the interior, decorated in the spirit of hi-tech and modern.

 If you want to buy a copper hookah, which will not be like any existing one, then the models from VZ Hookah will definitely appeal to you. All of them are created by hand, which is a guarantee of their uniqueness. Copper is used in the production of already oxidized, so you should not be afraid of metal oxidation, even if you wash the hookah all the time. Tobacco smoke does not react when contacted with copper, so its taste will be at its best, and the user is protected from ingestion of any harmful substances.

 In our catalog, you can appreciate the hookah with a spiral copper shaft, which is ideal for home use, and for the trip due to the collapsible design. It weighs quite a bit, although the shaft has an optimal length of 65 cm. As the producer promises that this model is ideal for smoking, which is achieved by a competent selection of materials and components, and a well-thought-out design, and even an original appearance. 


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