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Meduse hookah for sale

  Such original glass bulbs are made by world-famous masters, and for the production of hookahs the highest quality materials are used, from the available today. Due to the unusual design and advanced technologies, this hookah is considered exclusive and you can buy a Meduse hookah at an affordable price. 

How are they made?

  For the production of hookah Meduse use all the best. For example, all glass details are blown only from real Bohemian glass. There is no better material in the modern world. Such a glass is made in the Czech Republic under the strict control of professional glass blowers. Details for the hookah are made according to the oldest traditions, strictly following the producing technique. After that, the glass is checked for the degree of strength and transparency.
   After blowing out all the glass details, blacksmiths work. They manually make all the metal details of the hookah. They do not use anything other than a hammer and anvil. Thanks to this, every hookah Meduse handmade is unique. It is used in the same way as other hookahs, but thanks to the technology of making Meduse hookah smoke is more dense and clean. It is easy to prepare, and it is very easy to handle.

Materials of the hookahs Meduse

  Hookahs have a large volume, so the liquid in it cools much faster. Hoses are made from the purest silicone. It does not absorb additional smells and does not corrode or rot. The hose handle is also glass. This allows you to watch the game of smoke, shade and light in the hookah. The connections between the hose and the bulb are made very reliable. 

From stainless steel are:

  • Grids on which coals are placed. Due to this, there is no need for foil.
  • Tongs.
  • Special insert in bowls.

The hookah stand is covered with additional paint, so there is no finger mark left on it.

Are hookahs really so good from this producer?

  Fans of hookahs usually disagree, but this time, they are unanimous: once trying a hookah Meduse you will necessarily want to experience these feelings again. And despite the fact that the price at the hookah Meduse is high, there are a lot of those who wish.

 The beauty and exclusive look of the hookah will be a wonderful and very unusual addition to the interior. And if you smoke a hookah at a party, then it will be remembered by all for a long time. It can be smoked with friends or to relieve tension, calm down and sink into a philosophical mood. Traditional types of hookahs have long become boring, and Meduse will be able to bring new sensations and highlight to the life of even an avid smoker of hookahs. If you fill the bulb with a colored liquid, add ice, fruit and berries, you can admire the fascinating play of flowers.

Where to buy Meduse Hookah at a low price?

  We provide an opportunity to buy a hookah Meduse with home delivery. Now the exclusive hookah Medusa will be a real treasure for connoisseurs of hookah. His only disadvantage is the price, but if you take into account all the manual work, then it becomes not so big either. And the quality of the high level will allow you to use the Meduse hookah for more than five years. 


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