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Nanosmoke hookah for sale

  Initially, it was planned to release only two exemplars: one for the museum, one for the creator. But the prime cost was about 60 000 rubles. It was necessary to reduce costs. Then the idea to create a series of 20 copies came. The prime cost of each went out cheaper, about 12,000 rubles for a piece. A set included:

  • LED highlight;
  • homemade Kaloud Lotus;
  • hoses from silicone;
  • polyurethane bowl AMY Deluxe.

  At that time it was a breakthrough. Nanosmoke were one of the first which used diode illumination in a hookah. Anyone who tried this hookah was delighted with the new sensations. Now everyone can afford to buy a hookah Nanosmoke.

How does a hookah look now?

  A year later the idea was worked out and perfected hookahs. New technologies have appeared, now there is an adapter in Nanosmok, which is designed for clay and fruit cups. Thanks to diode illumination, it glows from the inside. The light element itself was hidden so that there would be no contact with water. But the improvements did not end there.
 The holes on the lid changed, new materials for hookahs were sought. It was necessary that something durable and high-quality, but at the same time affordable. After a while, colorful bright bowls and hoses appeared. At the same time, it was possible to preserve the heat-resistant properties. After a large number of requests it had to abandon the glass and plastic mouthpiece. Because of this, Nanosmoke started production of its own hookahs. Now it performs shatterproof mouthpieces that do not harm the teeth of a smoker. 

Main characteristics of hookah for today

  Among the characteristics of Nanosmoke, there are pluses and minuses. Among the main ones, it can be called that the hookah very quickly heats up. It is better to add ice, otherwise, after half an hour the smoke will be warm. The hose is made from silicone. At the same time, it is heavy-duty. The plus is that Nanosmoke hookahs are compatible with hoses from other producers. The mouthpiece is one-use, it can be inserted from either side. 

  Light blow gives little smoke, and to change this, you can take smokier tobacco. LED highlight is the main distinguishing feature of Nanosmoke hookah. The hull is transparent. Kalaud provides a saving of coals. All this complements the overall picture.

  Moreover, the price at the hookah Nanosmoke is not very high. Especially considering all the innovations introduced.

Advantages and where to buy

  Advanced technology combines the centuries-old traditions and the last word of technology of the modern world. Owners of horizontal hookahs Nanosmoke receive a lot of pleasure from the abundance of smoke and excellent taste transfer. Although, with light blow, the smoke will not be as thick as we would like. But this is no longer a problem. 
 Hookah is very stable, thanks to its form. It is compact and made of strong materials, so you do not have to worry that it will crash. You can always take it with you, and it will not be superfluous anywhere. 


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