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German tobacco for hookah

German tobacco for hookah is a high quality product, which belongs to the premium class. In a wide choice of tastes and aromas, even the most demanding hookah lover will find something he likes. Due to the use of only high-quality raw materials and special technologies of processing, smoke is thick, saturated and fragrant.

The flavors of German tobacco

Tobacco blends, created by the brands of Germany, are among the best in the world, referring to the premium products. The German tobacco catalog for hookah is a wide range of products that will delight you with fruit, fresh and sweet flavors and aromas. It is noteworthy that there are not so many German brands producing tobacco, but their products deserve attention for a number of positive points: 

  • Gold is a smoking mixture that is created from hand-cut tobacco leaf. Due to this, the stuffed bowl is differenced by uniform warming without overheating. The line includes various types of tobacco that can be used alone or in mixes. The smoke is thick, retains the natural aroma without bitterness and a harsh tobacco smack
  • Ace. If you stuff this tobacco as solo, then it will delight you with its aromatic properties for a long. In the taste palette presents different flavors - from yogurt passion fruit to ice cream. Both varieties belong to the premium class, make the smoking process longer, do not contain synthetic additives.

We also offer to buy German tobacco for hookah brand Kismet, for the production of which different sorts of leaves are used. Due to this, a unique combination of tobacco taste with excellent aromatic properties is achieved. In the palette of tastes are the most unusual variations - black vanilla, nut cookies, spiced sponge cake, frankincense and sandalwood.

How much is German tobacco for hookah?

Tobacco, created by German brands, is a unique ratio of original flavors with bright aromas. The products belong to the elite segment, therefore, the prices for German tobacco for hookah are not low. For example, products of the Kismet line cost from 15 USD for a package of 100 grams. If you want to try unique mixtures, come to our online store and choose the mixes you need. Combine flavors and create compositions with a unique aroma.


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