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Hookah Coal Heaters

Hookah Coal Heaters for sale

Coal heaters

  Lighting your charcoal is not an easy task. You can do it with the help of a coal heater.

  Everyone lights hookah charcoal as they can. In the open air people use portable gas burners and ordinary gas stoves inside the house. We can offer you new, more professional way of lighting your charcoal!

  Here you can buy an electric coal heater for your hookah which is the most comfortable solution. Professional hookah coal heaters will be an excellent device for both home and cafe. You no longer have to worry about the safety, as the coal heaters eliminate direct contact of coal with the source of heat. Also, these accessories will be an excellent addition to the interior, and there will be no need to hide them from the guests. Moreover, with items from the category "coal heaters" you can simultaneously light charcoal for several hookahs. The coal will warm up evenly, so you won’t waste your time turning them over every minute. Check our electric coal heater prices, you won’t be disappointed.


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