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Photo hookah Hookah Box Cube
Hookah Box Cube
18-09-2018 17:02:16

Pink hookah for sale

  Modern producers are pleased with the variety of different hookahs: big and small, with a transparent or colored bulb. Pink hookah looks unusual, and in this color most often the bulb is made. Thanks to this color scheme, even a massive smoking device looks light and airy.

Style and beautiful devices

 Elegance, refinement, aesthetics distinguish favorably pink-colored hookahs. It may seem that such an accessory does not fit for real men. But in fact, bright bulbs give a sense of celebration and magic, making the process of smoking unusual. We offer to buy a pink hookah in Moscow of following popular brands:

  • ArtHookah: products of this brand gave reasonable prices, while the Russian producer uses in the production of steel alloy and impact-resistant glass. Pale pink bulb gives the smoking device a special warmth and beauty;
  • MYA: this brand offers several models of hookahs, the bulbs of which are pink. The bulbs, by the way, have an unusual form, which makes smoking a pleasant process. Chinese brand offers steel alloy hookahs;
  • Pharaon. This brand offers products of more premium class, which is expensive, but pleases with an elegant combination of colors, the highest quality of assembly and performance.

 The price of a pink hookah directly depends on the producer

 For example, the products of Russian and Chinese brands are available in the range of 50-100 $, and Egyptian or Syrian are from 100 $ and higher. But according to technical parameters and operational properties, both are distinguished by the highest quality and reliable assembly. 


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