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«Silver - buy reviews»

Photo hookah Phоenix Steel 502
Phоenix Steel 502
20-09-2018 19:08:14
So first a few words about the bundle. I had a stem, a tray, a hose, a mouthpiece, a bowl, a base and tongs! Everything you may need, except perhaps a coal heater. Speaking about technical features, the connector for the hose is very convenient. Also you have to notice the size of the tray. I personally dig large trays. The base is blown off ideally from one strong and one medium exhalation, mb if you have stronger lungs you could do it faster. The tray perhaps could have been polished better. I will not cut myself, but it could be better. Everything else is totally fine. In general, at a price of $110 per hookah is great. I haven’t seen such low prices for a full hookah kit.

Silver hookahs for sale

 The hookah smoking is a process that gives pleasant emotions, relaxation and enjoyment. In addition to the functionality of these devices, an aesthetic factor plays a role, where the color is largely responsible. The silver hookah, for example, is a combination of conciseness and showiness, which is reflected in the correct selection of shades.

What silver hookah to buy?

 Silver color only on the face of it appears simple and inconspicuous. In fact, it is precisely because of its shades that aristocratic and presentable smoking devices are created. You can buy a silver hookah for home use and for complement the interior of a restaurant, café or bar. Due to conciseness, it will look harmonious in classic and modern style. The uniqueness of this color solution is that the whole hookah can be made in it, and not its individual parts. The following factors speak in favor of choosing such models:

  • harmony with any interior solution: with the help of a silver hookah, you can emphasize the luxury of the interior or supplement the interior in a classic style with a metallic shade of gray under the precious metal;
  • silver is actual all times and in any style of the room;
  • the combination of silver color and metal from which the shaft is made looks beautiful;
  • a silver bulb is often decorated with patterns, supplemented with decorative inserts, which makes the devices more original 

 The catalog of hookahs of silver color “Sweet Smoke” is a wide choice of models of different design. For example, smoking accessories from EUROSHISHA attract attention with low-key design, but high quality. One of the best hookahs of today is Pharaon Silver blue, which is a combination of light blue and silver colors. If you like the high-tech style direction, then you should pay attention to the AMY Deluxe 028 device which it discreet in design. The German producer uses chromed steel and high-strength glass in its production. The bulb of the model has a unique color where the silver color is combined with a shade of green. 

   The cost of silver hookah directly depends on the configuration of the model and its producer. In any case, in our online store you can choose a smoking device that will be in the affordable price range. 


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