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Tobacco for Shisha Spectrum

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Photo hookah Spectrum - Halva
Spectrum - Halva
20-09-2018 19:10:25
Not a bad dessert tobacco, not too heat resistant, but I like it.

Tobacco for Shisha Spectrum

Tobacco for hookah Spectrum

  Tobacco Spectrum is one of the brightest discoveries at the Hookah Club Show in 2017. The producers position their tobacco as a craft, which affects its cost for the better, but there is a feeling that over time it will rise by about one and a half times. At the moment the price of tobacco for the hookah Spectrum is 500 rubles.

  The tobacco is made on the base of the tobacco leaf of Monte Kalme, it is a selecting analogue of berli. The strength is like the Dark Side of the software line, it smokes very pleasantly, does not hit your throat like the same Dark Side media.

  Tobacco behaves very well under different temperature regimes; there is a very specific taste of the leaf itself from 30-35 minutes of smoking, when most of the syrup evaporates, but not as bright as Tanjirs or Daft.

Line of tastes

  A special feature of the Spectrum is its aroma, a unique taste palette, which includes such interesting tastes as:

  • bread
  • sandthorn
  • bacon
  • barberry
  • non-nicotine, without aromas.

  The taste of the Caribbean rum seemed very interesting to us, as long as this is the only pure rum on the market and it is very well implemented.

  It is worth saying that it can be called pure rum only with slight overheating; it is more like burnt sugar, so it is a caramel. Very sweet and pleasant smell, which is well revealed with berries and shading tastes.

  One of the best combinations of Caribbean rum with cola from Darkseid in a percentage ratio of 40 to 60, it gives a very rich taste of the famous alcoholic cocktail.

  We agree with the opinion of the creators and advise you to make it on classical clay bowls without touching.

  At the moment, more and more shops offer to buy tobacco for hookah Spectrum, but you have the opportunity to do it right now on our website


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