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Tobacco for hookah 1000 grams

Someone buys tobacco for personal use, someone needs more than 250 grams of product. If you need large volumes, we offer 1 kg packs tobacco for hookah. With proper storage of such products will serve as long as you do not use it completely.

The features of tobacco for hookah

Not all brands offer to buy 1 kg packs tobacco for hookah, however the composition of any product is approximately the same. In the simplest form, tobacco products consist directly of tobacco, molasses, glycerin and flavorings, in some cases preservatives are used:

  • The most commonly in production is used Virginia Golden variety, which is differs by an adequate level of strength. Most often finely cut, but may be large.
  • The goal of molasses is to act as a binder ingredient on which the stickiness of tobacco depends, but this product has no functional role.
  • The purpose of glycerin is to preserve the moisture of the tobacco even after opening the packaging: the more moisture in the tobacco leaves, the greater the volume of steam that will be when smoking.
  • Flavorings are responsible for the taste properties of tobacco, and the more powerful they are, the more aromatic the product will be. Most companies use natural ingredients, so the sense of chemistry does not occur.

As for preservatives, their task is to extend the expiration date of tobacco. This is important, especially if you plan to buy tobacco in a large package. In our catalog of 1kg packs tobacco for hookah you will find products of leading brands. And even if you do not use it immediately, it will be able to persist for more than one day, due to the thoughtful composition. The main thing is to follow the rules of storage:

  • Check the tightness of the packaging, which is especially convenient if the tobacco is supplied in jars with lids or bags with a closing strap
  • Open tobacco can be filled into clean glass containers, to avoid mixing smells
  • The products must be stored in a dark place at room temperature

As for the expiration date, in closed form it is 1 year, in the open – a maximum of 6 months. The problem is that when you open the tobacco, it will start dry and lose smell faster, so, while smoking it will be a small amount of smoke. Prices for 1 kg packs tobacco for hookah are quite high, which is primarily due to the large volume of production.


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