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Tobacco with Cactus flavor

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Tobacco with the cactus flavor

Hookah smoking is a tradition that came to us from the East. And if the devices themselves have remained virtually unchanged, tobacco is constantly changing, improving and modifying. When traditional sweet and fruit tastes bother you and you want something unusual, we suggest you try the hookah tobacco with the cactus flavor.

Taste properties of tobacco with the cactus flavor

Unlikely that anyone tasted real cactus, but there is a unique opportunity to find out what it is, if you smoke tobacco with the flavor of this plant. If you like the exotic and you want something new, then you should definitely buy tobacco for hookah with the cactus flavor. Note that it is only in the line of two brands - Adalya and Serbetly. The top taste created by the brand from Turkey, pleases with originality and elegance. Among its features are the following:

  • richness and originality of taste, which can be a worthy alternative to sweet smoking mixes,
  • a wide range of flavors, which gradually reveals during smoking,
  • astringency and sourness, which allow you to get the maximum pleasure from smoking.

The uniqueness of the cactus flavor is that it ideally combines sweet and sour notes, which makes it possible to choose it to create a variety of compositions. Despite the originality of flavor, with normal smoking, tobacco doesn’t burn quickly and has a high smokiness, which is achieved by creating a tobacco mix of natural cactus chips and eco-friendly tobacco leaves.

How to buy tobacco with cactus flavor?

In our store, a catalog of tobacco for hookah with the cactus flavor makes it easy to choose an option for both smoking in solo and to make various experimental ideas and mixes. Excellent taste range is obtained if the cactus flavor is mixed with berry components. We invite you to appreciate the incredible and special flavors that will surprise you with unusual and exotic. By combining different flavors, you can create interesting mixes that will help you diversify the process of smoking hookah.

Prices for hookah tobacco with the cactus flavor are low, so you should definitely try it. Due to medium-sized cutting, the tobacco mix is heated for a long time, delivering maximum pleasure from the smoking process. You can order exclusive tobacco and mixes in our store.


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