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Tobacco with Chocolate flavor

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Tobacco with the chocolate flavor

Hookah lovers know that how important it is to constantly change the tastes of tobacco, creating unusual and sometimes even bold mixes. But there are flavors and tastes that remain relevant always. Eternal classic is chocolate tobacco for hookah, which is popular with both men and women.

Flavor variety of the chocolate tobacco

Different flavors help to get pleasure from the hookah - someone likes sweet vanilla, someone likes only fruit, and someone can’t imagine his life without non-flavored tobacco. It is also chocolate, and the taste variations change from bitter black chocolate to cappuccino. People who like a unique combination of sweets with a rich flavor buy chocolate tobacco. The basis of such mixes - only natural ingredients, so there is no chemistry in it. Cocoa fruit chips, which is aged in molasses or honey, are responsible for the naturalness of chocolate. 

In the catalog of chocolate tobacco for hookah from Sweet Smoke presented a variety of types of mixes, which are based on chocolate:

  • Al Fakher proposes to appreciate the unusual taste of black chocolate, which is tart. Such tobacco is ideally mixed with vanilla, mint, orange, kiwi or cola.
  • Fasil is a Turkish brand with a line of cappuccino and cinnamon flavored tobacco, which chocolate lovers also like.
  • Tangiers Noir Chocolate Mint is a premium blend of tobacco that represents a unique combination of cocoa and mint, and mint acts as an aftertaste flavor.

Chocolate is a great component that makes it easy to create custom mixes. You can do this on your own, or you can use already known combinations. For example, Serbetly tobacco with a taste of Strawberry-Chocolate Cake is the most successful combination of sweetness with fruit, which is similar to a cake with strawberry and chocolate filling. Moreover, under this brand tobacco is produced, which are distinguished by their characteristic softness and sweetness, and this is achieved by special processing of raw materials.

Prices for chocolate tobacco for hookah in our catalog are very different and depend on who produces it. So, the cheapest option is Al Fakher products (costs from 1,5 USD to 15 USD), the most expensive is Tangiers (costs from 36 USD to 42 USD). Try the natural chocolate-flavored smoking blends at the base!


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