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Tobacco with Vanilla flavor

It is necessary to choose tobacco for hookah so that when smoking it delivers a lot of pleasant emotions. Sweet tastes, for example, vanilla tobacco for hookah - a good solution for those who appreciate aromatic smoking blends. It is possible to select such variations both for smoking at home and for hookah places.

A variety of tobacco with vanilla flavor

Vanilla tobacco is light and refined, combining sweet taste with a small strength. Due to the sweet taste, such blends are an excellent addition to any other flavors. We offer to buy vanilla tobacco for hookah, which can be used both as a mono flavor and as a component in mixes. Various supplements - citrus, fruit, cream - only emphasize the sweetness of taste and aroma. Mixes unique in taste and aroma are created by the following brands:

  • Afzal. The unique tobacco mixes of this brand successfully combine the aromas of mint, vanilla, blueberry, citrus, which makes the taste even more unique. Under this brand is offered high-quality tobacco blend with natural ingredients in the base. Tobacco is produced in small cuts; it has a persistent aroma that keeps for a long time.
  • Adalya. The Turkish brand also proposes to appreciate the vanilla aroma of its tobacco, which harmonizes perfectly with the notes of orange. If you like fragrant compositions with sourness, then you will find such an option in the line of this company. Tobacco has a good smokiness, has a smaller cut, long retains vanilla-orange aftertaste.

In the catalog of vanilla tobacco for hookah, you will also find products from other brands that have proven themselves from the best side. Such mixtures are good both in “solo” and in combination with other components. Vanilla notes are especially loved by women for their tenderness, so if smoking is planned in a female company, you should choose something suitable for them.

How to buy tobacco with vanilla flavor?

The online store Sweet Smoke offers a wide selection of tobacco products for every taste. Your attention - only high-quality smoking mix, through which you can improve the process of smoking a hookah, making it even more magical and enjoyable. We offer reasonable prices for vanilla tobacco for hookah. Production is carried out from natural ingredients, which affects the rich and original taste of each product.


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