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Tobacco for hookah with grapefruit flavor

Grapefruit tobacco for hookah is a unique combination of freshness and lightness. Citrus notes are easily guessed in any tobacco blend, so they are especially appreciated by all hookah smoking lovers. We suggest you to try tobacco for hookah with the grapefruit flavor of leading world brands.

The features of tobacco with grapefruit flavor

As soon as hookahs appeared in Russia, they have gained popularity among Russian people for the opportunity to become a part of oriental culture and immerse themselves in the relaxing atmosphere of smoking for at least a few hours. The growing popularity of such a pastime is also explained by the variety of taste solutions of tobacco. So, in our store you can buy grapefruit tobacco for hookah by Al Fakher or Serbetly. Citrus flavored tobacco blends are always popular, as they have the right level of freshness and roughness.

The grapefruit uniqueness allows you to create very tasty and fragrant mixes. You can buy them in the line of various brands:

  • Serbetli Liquor + Al Fakher Grapefruit: a nice mix with the scent of grapefruit is ideal for smoking, both alone and in company. By taste, this mix is similar to a cocktail, which harmoniously combines grapefruit and mint notes.
  • Adalya Acai + Al Fakher (kiwi). This tobacco is a mix of citrus with kiwi has a sweetish aftertaste.
  • Adalya Spiced Chai + Al Fakher Grapefruit. This taste will appeal to those who appreciate the combination of unusualness and delicacy.

The Sweet Smoke catalog of grapefruit tobacco for hookah includes both mono flavors and ready mixes. All of them are different due to the freshness of grapefruit, which remains noticeable even in combination with mint, cinnamon, vanilla and other sweet shades.

How much does a grapefruit flavor tobacco cost?

The natural taste and rich aroma – these are the most important characteristics for modern tobacco. Grapefruit flavor is ideal, because you can create a variety of mixes based on grapefruit, focusing on one or another taste.

We offer affordable prices for grapefruit tobacco for hookah, so that everyone can get maximum pleasure from the smoking process. You can find the flavor in our online store by choosing what suits you the most.


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