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Turkish hookahs for sale

 The aesthetics, the embodiment of Oriental traditions, an unsurpassed design and the attention to every detail in the design it is what distinguishes Turkish hookahs. Focusing on modern trends, the masters of this country use high quality alloys, precise engravings and original patterns, creating beautiful and unique products. It is noteworthy that the price of the Turkish hookah is quite affordable for the average buyer.

Particularities of Turkish hookahs

 Eastern culture is colorful and is new for the Europeans. Turkish craftsmen focus on its maximum attention when they create their hookahs. The main thing is the attention of the old style, which favorably distinguishes real Turkish hookahs. If we talk about their features, then the following should be noted:

  • initially the hookahs in this country were created without a back-seating valve, but modern models are already equipped with it, and therefore they are suitable to smoke any tobacco;
  • thorough polishing: each smoking device glitters like a jewel, which makes it attractive and presentable;
  • a saucer is an important attribute of the Turkish hookah, but instead of it you can use a one-piece large-diameter stand with a shaft. The El Nefes stand in the form of a flower with 8 petals is especially beautiful with device;
  • true hookahs from Turkey are easily recognized by the obligatory stamp with the name of the brand, which is the hallmark of many local brands;
  • completely manual work: smoking devices are created manually, only lath works are automated. Leading brands offer to buy Turkish hookah from brass, copper in golden and silver colors. It is noteworthy that the combination of different metals is not used, therefore each construction is obtained whole and complete.

 The best models of hookahs offer to evaluate Elmas Nargile, Demirkan, El Nefes, and in their line you can find budget accessories for smoking and premium class. As they say, under any customer request.

How to choose well?

 Any hookah is a device that allows you to enjoy smoking in a large company or alone. And when choosing, you need to take into account not only their appearance, but also a number of other features. For example, the following:

  • type of bowl: we note that models from Turkey are created with an internal bowl, the style of which practically does not change over the years, and therefore is easily recognizable;
  • type of hose: a unique element of many accessories is called marpuch, it is a hose that is wrapped with leather and is made in the form of a handle. It is impossible to find a similar accessory from other brands. Do you want to know how to choose a good Turkish hookah? Then pay attention to marpuch: you have to select for each taste of tobacco a different marpuch , so each mixture will revealed as fully as possible when you smoke it;
  • shaft: its design amazes imagination with uniqueness and originality. Most of these parts are created by casting, not by stamping, so the shaft is heavy, but it cools the smoke perfectly.

 And more: every Turkish hookah has a heat screen, thanks to which the optimum temperature is maintained in the walls of the bowl.

Aroma Turkish tobacco

 In our store you can buy not only smoking devices from this country, but also Turkish tobacco for hookah. It has a light taste, it is resistant to overheating and is coarsely chopped, and it retains its aroma and relaxing properties for a very long time. There is no garbage in tobacco mixtures from Turkey, because they are produced from tobacco leaves, carefully selected and processed. Please yourself with a delicious and fragrant hookah and order Turkish accessories now in our online store!


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