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Ukrainian hookahs for sale

Ukrainian hookahs - another active direction of production!

Ukrainian engineering, Ukrainian girls, mountains, forests, melodious language - this is not all that Ukraine can boast of. The Ukrainian hookah industry has gone a long way and is on a par with Russian and foreign goods. It should be noted at least those hookahs, which will be briefly discussed: Easy Blow, Hookah Motor, Embery.

Consider the hookahs of Ukraine

Hookah Easy Blow is made in Ukraine in the city of Kiev, the owner Stas Bochkovsky, known as the blogger "Hookah Expert". Hookah consists of stainless steel inside the hookah itself, externally made of polymer, wear-resistant material, its height is 55 cm.

Easyblow Doubletoke has a shaft diameter of 15mm and 10mm output connector, which gives a very light and pleasant traction. The uniqueness of the hookah is that with its ultra-light weight, the hookah can be carried over the shaft and due to this the flask does not fly off the hookah. Also the main "feature" of the hookah is its 8-channel blowing, which quickly and easily blows the flask, and also gives the maximum aesthetic pleasure to people when blowing the hookah. This hookah, exactly the moment when there is a desire to buy Ukrainian hookah and be confident in its quality!

Motor's Hookahs are world famous Ukrainian hookahs that have received their unique audience and customers due to their quality, appearance, and what they are going to get from - a cylinder block from a Honda moped, also spare parts from Honda DIO, Mazda RX-8. Due to the design work, a hookah can be customized from lighting and engraving to a different type of gilding, etc.

Embery Hookahs - a unique futuristic design, an interesting approach to the appearance of the mines, where each model attracts more and more attention, confirming its quality of performance and uniqueness. Externally, the hookah is made of anodized avil.

The company does everything from tongs and hookahs to mouthpieces and unique flasks. The price segment of the company has positions of both the “expensive” segment, and the very “budget” model, for example, Hexity, and Mono, they also make different peripherals, personal mouthpieces and cups.


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