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Golden hookahs for sale

The hookah smoking is a tradition, which since ancient times adheres to the eastern countries. If you are looking for a golden hookah, then you should pay attention to the collection of Syrian and Egyptian brands. Designers of these brands pay close attention not only to the functionality and installation quality, but also to the external design.

Models of hookahs of golden color

 Someone chooses a smoking device for design characteristics; someone thinks that the height of the shaft is important. But many people want to buy a real oriental hookah. In our online store you can buy a golden hookah and plunge into the magic of the East. The smoking devices created in Syria and Egypt have their own highlight, and it is expressed in color and style. In Eastern symbolism, the golden color has a special place: it emphasizes the social status of a person. But today not only eastern countries think about shades, but also Europe. Brands Khalil Mamoon, Ager, Pharaon, Мya present the line of the devices in shades of golden color:

  • It can be bright and shiny, or it can be low-key and dull. In the first case, smoking devices are pleased with the richness of design and prestigious design, with the predominance of original and colorful drawings and carving elements. In the second case, the devices look concise, but no less luxurious. The brand Khalil Mamoon offers elegant models with a height of 80 cm and higher.
  • Shafts or bulbs are gold, but often they are painted in shades of gold: sand, yellow, orange. In combination with blue, black, red, or simply transparent glass, they create very beautiful hookahs. So, in the graceful hookah Mya Ultima Gold, a gold bulb and hand-made drawings are ideally combined.
  • Gold painting is used to decorate the bulb, and it is made manually. Look particularly impressive on transparent bulbs made of Bohemian glass.

 The catalog of golden-colored hookahs in “Sweet Smoke” is a wide choice of devices that will help users to get a real smoky pleasure. Our range is constantly updated with new products, so you can always choose a model that will attract your attention. The cost of the golden hookah is very different: from 25 $ and higher. Choose a smoking device and place your order right now!


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